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For Westhaven residents, quality of life is everything.  From the thoughtful layout of the streets to the vibrant social experience of living in a walkable neighborhood, quality of life is embedded in every aspect of the Westhaven experience.  This is how Quality of life meets #LifeSimplified…..

#1 Traditional Neighborhood Structure
Westhaven features a public, high-density space at the center with diverse retail and dining options. As you move further out through Westhaven’s 1,500 acres, you’ll find more green spaces with paths and intentionally designed areas for neighbors to gather.  There is a park or public green space within a 10 minute walk of most homes.  Our residents take full advantage of this opportunity to play, socialize and get to know one another.  Watch Andrea James talk about how she interacts with her neighbors.

#2 Mixed Housing and Variety of Architectural Styles
From small condos to gorgeous single-family homes with wide front porches, you’ll find that Westhaven has a variety of housing and architectural styles.  In addition, our architecture team carefully plans each street so that no two homes look the same and each streetscape has its own distinct look.  As the street trees mature and begin to arch over the road, the feeling of a traditional neighborhood can be felt as you drive through the community.  See how Emerald describes how Westhaven feels!

#3 Quality Architecture and Urban Design
Westhaven was developed by a team of 30 full-time architects, engineers and landscape architects who were driven by a central vision to incorporate beauty into every detail of the community.   Each building in Westhaven is carefully considered so that it contributes to the overall aesthetics of the neighborhood.  You will notice that garages and parking lots rarely face the street and when they do they are set back to not be the focal point of the street.  Alleys allow for access to garages, garbage cans and mailboxes and create another space for neighbors to interact.

#4 Mixed-Use and Diversity
Grab a fresh-pressed juice or gourmet coffee. Linger at the spa or make a pit stop at the dry cleaners. Grab a quick bite for lunch, cocktail after work or meet some friends for dinner.  Westhaven’s Town Center offers everything you need, from groceries to pet grooming to health care.  The variety of housing styles meet the needs of our residents at different stages of life, from young married couples to empty-nesters and retirees.  We have many residents who conduct their business from their home office or run a business located in our Town Center. Residents who both live and work in Westhaven truly know the meaning of #LifeSimplified. Watch Shari’s story.  

#5 Walkability
Streets are designed so that residents can get to the Town Center in just a few minutes’ walk – no matter where you live in Westhaven. Homes and buildings are placed close to the street to encourage neighbors to get to know one another when out for a walk. Our street design is pedestrian friendly meaning on-street parking and narrow streets are traffic calming and sidewalks are abundant and well-connected throughout the neighborhood.  See what Evin and Luke have to say about Westhaven!


Special thanks to Glenn Sweiter and Fresh File + Design for the production of Life Simplified videos!

#6 Connectivity and Street Configuration
Westhaven’s streets are designed in a grid pattern to evenly disperse traffic throughout the community. Street parking is encouraged in certain areas to calm traffic. Roundabouts, thoughtful landscape design, and other features also slow traffic, fostering a safer community where you’re never more than just a few minutes away from anything! There are also multiple entrances and exits in the community as well as there are no cul-de-sacs.  Wide boulevards with medians provide main access in and out of the neighborhood and also add beauty to the surrounding areas.

#7 Sustainability
A community designed around walkability and convenience also promotes sustainable practices: it’s easy and enjoyable to walk instead of drive.  Southern Land takes great care to respect the natural systems, plants and animals that inhabit the land as well preserving the past in the maintenance of the Glass Indian Burial Grounds and the various cemeteries that are located on the property.  We are well connected with local farmers and have a weekly farmer’s market on site during the growing seasons to encourage land preservation and local food consumption.  Listen to Randy’s story about sustainability.

#8 Increased Density
Westhaven’s increased density is a response to the suburban sprawl so many residents lived with prior to Westhaven. By placing homes, shops, and offices closer together, you’re never far from work or play.  Our town center has a wide variety of shops as well so that our residents can take care of their daily needs without having to leave the neighborhood.  Pearre Creek Elementary School is located centrally to the community and many of the students walk or ride their bikes to school.  See what Ron has to say!

#9 Smart Transportation
On a warm spring day, you’ll see dozens of residents walking, biking, or skating through the neighborhood. With broad sidewalks and streets specially engineered to calm traffic, it’s easy to make smart choices in how you get around.  Located just 3 miles from downtown Franklin, the Franklin Trolley can often be seen picking up or dropping residents off after a fun day in Franklin.

#10 Quality of Life
All of these Keys to Life Simplified add up to a greater overall quality of life. In Westhaven, residents enjoy a life worth living!  See what Tim Downey, CEO of Southern Land has to say about his vision for Westhaven.