Shari Lacy


Shari Lacy is an artist with a small home studio in Westhaven.  A graduate of Miami University/Oxford, OH’s Fine Arts program, she is a life-long and college trained artist yet primarily a self taught painter.  Much of what she has learned comes from her interaction and observation of people and life in general and other art specifically. She loves to experiment with natural tones as well as colors, sketches, textures and acrylics, and developed some of her techniques by taking a variety of different classes throughout  the years.

Primarily working with textured mediums and acrylics on canvas and wood, you’ll also find a watercolor and/or sketch sneaking their way into her portfolio every now and then. She is very intrigued by the surface and edges of the canvas and how different pressures, paint thickness, brush sizes, etc. can bring out different emotions in a painting. She has always been fascinated by the creative process; one stroke leading to the next, one sketch leading to another, all finding themselves to be an important part of that finished puzzle called a piece of art.

Shari owns Good Stuff PR company and has taken on creative design projects and commissioned work for years.  She’s also an avid writer, so she makes every attempt possible to marry her love of words and art. Some of her pieces include some sort of inspirational word or quote.  She loves to study artists of all styles, but searches for the works of those with a similar free-handed touch.
Her work can be found in private collections in Tennessee, Florida, Ohio, California, Missouri, Colorado, and Arkansas as well as the permanent collection of Brentwood Academy (Brentwood, TN), and at OccuSure/Franklin, TN, GracePointe Church (Franklin, TN), Artistry spasalon (Franklin, TN) and more.
Shari lives in Westhaven with her husband and two children.  In addition to painting, Shari also owns and operates GoodStuff PR Co.  She has worked in the field of independent music PR for over ten years now and has a great love for music in general and acoustic, roots, gospel and bluegrass music specifically. She has a great admiration for the independent business owner and the overall creative process.  Owning her own company allows her the opportunity to delve more deeply into what she loves.  She is a firm believer that when you do something you enjoy, good stuff comes from it.
Before launching GoodStuff PR, Shari was the Marketing/PR Director for the International Bluegrass Music Association, Director of Publicity for Compass Records, Marketing liaison for the Alaska State Fair, advertising manager for the Anchorage Daily News and saw the world as a flight attendant.  Her knowledge is broad and well-rounded and her experiences help her bring a lot to the table. She is also a freelance writer having written for publications such as Readers Digest, Bluegrass Now Magazine, The Westhaven Register, The Miamian, and Nashville Parent Magazine in addition to writing artist bios and freelance press releases for clients.