Enjoy Urban Density & Convenience Without Sacrificing Space or Privacy

  An avid hiker and native of Middle Tennessee, Emerald Estock is accustomed to having plenty of space. In 2012, Estock spent five-and-a-half months hiking the Appalachian Trail, approximately 2,200 miles of terrain stretching up from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. He document his journey along the way, returning home with a supply [...]

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Trading a Downtown Lifestyle for the Best of Both Worlds in Westhaven

A couple of weeks ago the Chicago Tribune issued an apology (well, kind of…) for the effects of the great “Illinois Exodus,” as it spills Down South into Tennessee.  Illinois Exodus?! Never heard of it? It’s a term that’s risen in popularity in recent months as Illinois lawmakers and political contenders quibble over new tax [...]

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7 Top Reasons Home Buyers Prefer New!

1) All New, Under Warranty: A used home likely has tired products that may soon need replacing. Your new home — and the products that comprise it — are brand-new and under warranty. Those components of your new home feature the latest designs and building materials and should offer you years of comfort and enjoyment before [...]

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Southern Land Company Follows Through on Westhaven Town Center Vision

Franklin, Tenn. — Southern Land Company has unveiled plans for the next phase of activity in Westhaven Town Center (WTC), the community’s commercial district which was designed to accommodate locally owned businesses, professional service firms, a variety of lakeside residences, and open spaces that encourage neighborhood interaction. Preparation and initial infrastructure work began last month. [...]

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“A Simpler Way of Life” In Westhaven, Says Founder Tim Downey

When Tim Downey first envisioned Westhaven 20 years ago, he imagined a place where people could find repose from the daily stresses of modern life. “People’s lives are fast-paced,” he says. “They’re difficult. They’re stressful.” Westhaven was intentionally constructed to offer an alternative. But not even an ambitious dreamer like Downey imagined just how deep the [...]

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Life Simplified: Top Notch Education at Your Fingertips

Did you know that Williamson County is home to some of the best public schools in the country? According to Niche.com, which compiles research-driven data to rank schools throughout the U.S., Williamson County Schools (WCS) is the second best school district in the state of Tennessee.As a resident of Westhaven, your family gets to reap [...]

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Walk This Westhaven Way!

From walking their kids to school to taking a stroll down the street for happy hour with friends, Luke and Evin Krehbiel have found Westhaven’s walkability to be at the core of community life. “We call it forced interaction,” says Luke, "because you’re so close to the neighbors nearby you end up interacting more and [...]

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One Foot In the Town, One Foot In the Country

If you had to pick one, would you side with wide open spaces, including a backyard creek and hiking trails? Or would you go for quick, walkable access to shops and restaurants? Living in Westhaven, Randy Reeves enjoys the best of both worlds. “I always joked that one side of our house is in the [...]

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