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Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living in Williamson County

Discover a place where fun, friends and family are always in season, and life is more peaceful and convenient by design – only at Westhaven, TN. Westhaven’s new homes are located in one of Franklin, Tennessee’s finest neighborhoods, widely recognized for its engaged lifestyle, world-class amenities and sustainable design standards.

There are many reasons to relocate to Westhaven and find yourself in the heart of Franklin, where you can experience charming Main Street shopping and dining as well as convenient, low-cost proximity to downtown Nashville. Read on for more insights.   

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Cost of Living in Williamson County
Franklin is regularly ranked among the top places to live by publications such as Money Magazine and Southern Living, thanks to its historic setting, Southern hospitality and variety of trendy restaurants, eclectic shopping, and arts and entertainment.

Situated just 21 miles from the excitement and attractions of Nashville’s “Music City” in scenic Williamson County, the cost of living here in Franklin is an impressive 4% lower than the national average. The cost of housing is also 13.1% lower than the national average, which is perfect for those relocating from the more expensive Nashville metro area.

New Westhaven homes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from 2-bedroom condominiums to two- and three-story townhomes to single-family homes, all with unobstructed access to an array of community amenities, events and more.

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Franklin Tennessee’s Reliable Economy
If you are looking to settle down in a place that has a strong, reliable local economy, look no further than Franklin! Approximately 58% of the population holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher, earning an average household income of $92,589. Meanwhile, the national average ranks much lower at just $57,652.

The unemployment rate in Franklin is 3.0% in comparison with the national average of 3.7%, and the job market is predicted to grow 53.4% over the next 10 years, making Franklin a perfect destination for jobseekers seeking new opportunities and future advancement. Publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek have also listed Franklin among the best cities to launch a start-up, while it’s also considered among the top 10 cities in the USA when it comes to new jobs.

Affordable Taxation in Tennessee
Out of all 50 states, Tennessee ranks 15th in property taxes and 10th in income tax. The sales tax rate for Franklin is actually just 9.3% compared to the national average of 7.3%, while the income tax rate comes in at 0% compared to the national average of 4.6%. These elements are a key consideration when it comes to comparing overall cost of living between cities, and Westhaven homeowners all benefit from the lower rates.

Contact us to discover how you can experience front porch living here at Westhaven, ideally situated in the heart of the timeless yet affordable city of Franklin.

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