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Strong School System Surrounds Westhaven Community

Ask any Realtor what Williamson County’s strong asset is when it comes to selling homes and he or she will tell you the public school system. For years now, Williamson County Schools (WCS) have not only led the state, but the region in terms of their scholastic prowess, and this continued commitment to top tier learning has translated into sustained property values.

Strong schools, for obvious reasons, are a critical part of a growing community. They help to establish standards and expectations, and they often serve as a physical and intellectual focal point within their respective neighborhoods. Pearre Creek in Westhaven has certainly filled that role, and now that the school is in its 10th year of operation, parents have seen first-hand the opportunities that can evolve as the result of a robust elementary school platform.

Williamson County School - Students on Playground

But beyond the lessons found in the classrooms, neighborhood schools also foster a tight-knit sense of community. Through extracurricular activities, sporting events, fundraisers and dozens of other activities that bring parents and kids together, a neighborhood school is a point of pride that fosters relationships for both the young and old.

From its conception, Westhaven developer Southern Land Company was adamant about allocating land for a school. Working closely with WCS, Pearre Creek was established as one of the first new education construction projects on the west side of Franklin. The land and architectural services were donated to the school system and residents quickly threw in their support to ensure that the school’s launch was successful. A decade later, and boasting thousands of alumni, Pearre Creek is regarded as one of the best elementary schools within WCS.

Williamson County School - Students on Computer

Thanks in large part to the community’s financial contributions and volunteer hours, the school continues to thrive and evolve, offering progressive programming and preparing young students for their middle school curriculum. Ask a Westhaven teenager what their favorite part of living in the neighborhood has been and they are likely to point to Pearre creek.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Westhaven, but none are as hands-on and long-lasting as the memories that are created in your child’s first school experience. You can learn more about Pearre Creek here:


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