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I think that i shall never see… A poem as lovely as a tree

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree

So begins Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem about the majestic nature of trees. And while poetic verse can certainly be moving, Kilmer’s point is that its inspiration often derives from nature itself and the beauty that it affords us every single day, season after season.

At Southern Land Company (SLC), we consider the planting of trees to be an essential and critical part of our development approach and philosophy. Often times, construction requires the removal of trees, and while we make every effort to save existing horticulture in our neighborhoods, sometimes the removal of trees can’t be avoided. In that case, it is our responsibility to replace that which was there before our communities began to take shape; making certain that future generations enjoy the elegance that tree-lined streets offer.

Contrary to popular opinion, Developers are actually on the front lines of environmental stewardship. As professionals who are reshaping the use of land, we possess the skill set to ensure that the natural environment can thrive alongside homes and commercial buildings. And at SLC, we have done just that.

As of this year, SLC will have planted more than 10,000 new trees in its communities around the country and has actively involved itself in numerous conservation efforts, one of which was the preservation Native American burial mounds in our Westhaven neighborhood in Franklin, Tennessee. (You can read more about the Glass Mounds here.) In every case, the planting of trees was  prioritized.

Finally, it’s important to note that SLC’s commitment to the eco system is augmented by the people and businesses operating within our communities. We often work in collaboration with our homeowners and tenants to embrace green initiatives that are designed to enhance the long-term sustainability of our projects. Furthermore, SLC works with municipal leaders to proactively design neighborhoods that strike a healthy balance between growth and the natural environment.

We are very proud of the seeds we have sewn when it comes to our environmental efforts. So proud in fact that we thought we might take a stab at our own verse…

We who work at SLC
Pledge to you now who reads
A commitment that shall far exceed
The planting of 10,000 trees

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