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TDOT gives update on Mack Hatcher extension project

After an official start earlier this year, the Mack Hatcher Northwest Extension project is well underway.

State Rep. Sam Whitson, R-Franklin, invited government officials and prominent members of the community to tour the construction site with some of the key project workers. Members from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Eutaw Construction Company led the tour, providing an update on the project’s progress.

TDOT Regional Operations Engineer Shay Deason said the team is working right on schedule — perhaps even ahead.

“Eutaw has been in here working really quick with us,” Deason said, adding that the projected completion date for the extension is November of 2021. “We’re hoping to come in a little ahead on that. It looks like things are progressing good, so hopefully we don’t run into any major issues.”

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