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“A Simpler Way of Life” In Westhaven, Says Founder Tim Downey

When Tim Downey first envisioned Westhaven 20 years ago, he imagined a place where people could find repose from the daily stresses of modern life. “People’s lives are fast-paced,” he says. “They’re difficult. They’re stressful.” Westhaven was intentionally constructed to offer an alternative. But not even an ambitious dreamer like Downey imagined just how deep the…

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5 Reasons People Are Moving to Westhaven

5 Reasons People Are Moving to Westhaven Williamson County has become a prime destination for those moving to the Middle Tennessee area. Williamson Inc, the county’s Chamber of Commerce, reports that from 2011 to 2015, many of Williamson County’s new residents hailed from large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Wichita, Lewisburg, West Virginia…

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Walk This Westhaven Way!

From walking their kids to school to taking a stroll down the street for happy hour with friends, Luke and Evin Krehbiel have found Westhaven’s walkability to be at the core of community life. “We call it forced interaction,” says Luke, “because you’re so close to the neighbors nearby you end up interacting more and…

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