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Life Simplified: Top Notch Education at Your Fingertips

Did you know that Williamson County is home to some of the best public schools in the country?

According to, which compiles research-driven data to rank schools throughout the U.S., Williamson County Schools (WCS) is the second best school district in the state of Tennessee.As a resident of Westhaven, your family gets to reap the rewards of the excellent teachers and staff who work at our local public schools.

Williamson County Schools (WCS) Snapshot:

-Approximately 40,000 students are currently enrolled in WCS

-WCS consists of 48 schools (10 high schools, 10 middle schools 27 elementary schools, 1 K-8 school and an Alternative Learning Center)

-The graduating class of 2017 posted an ACT composite score of 25.2, the highest in the history of the district

-WCS has a 95% graduation rate (

Westhaven students are zoned for Pearre Creek Elementary, Hillsboro Middle School and Independence High School.

How these schools compare to other Tennessee schools (based on analysis):

– Pearre Creek Elementary – #20 of 962 elementary schools across the state
– Hillsboro Middle School – #2 of 527 middle schools across the state
– Independence High School – #19 of 347 public schools across the state

As an added bonus, Pearre Creek Elementary is located within the Westhaven community, making it a breeze to get your children to school. Many Westhaven children can enjoy walking or riding a bike to school.

What makes WCS such a great school district?

From academics to fine arts and athletics, WCS offers opportunities to students of all grade levels to become well-rounded. Here are a few ways WCS has become one of the best districts in the state.

Spanish and Chinese taught at the elementary level

The Elementary World Language Program (EWLP) offers elementary schools students the chance to learn about the Chinese and/or Spanish culture and language. The classes are offered at the elementary schools before and after school hours. The program nurtures speaking and listening skills while also helping students develop an appreciation of
other cultures and customs

Preparing high school students for college and the real world

High school students have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the work world. Through their comprehensive College, Career and Technical Education program, students can choose from nearly 40 different programs of study to explore their strengths and what careers they may be interesting in pursuing. Students have the opportunity to intern or job shadow while still in high school, giving them a leg up when they enter college.

Fine Arts thrives at WCS

Music classes are part of the class schedule for all kindergarten students. These youngsters get the pleasure of learning music from a certified music specialist. Middle school and high school students can continue their music training with options like band, orchestra and choir. Students can begin band and orchestra in the sixth grade. Because of the variety of fine arts offerings, 86% of middle school students participate in fine arts courses during the school year and 41% of high school students participating in fine art classes. WCS also offers courses in guitar, piano, music theory and AP music theory depending on the school.

Athletic program offers over a dozen sports

Involvement in sports helps students learn critical life skills such as self discipline and team work and athletics also helps boost self-esteem.

WCS offers sanctioned sports at the 6-12 levels in 13 fields:

Bowling (High School Only)
Track and Field
Cheerleading and Dance

In addition, multiple club sports that are not sanctioned are offered at WCS schools. Examples of club sports: rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, hockey, rowing, biking, gymnastics.

All Williamson County high schools offering interscholastic sports are members of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). The middle schools belong to the Williamson Middle Athletic Association (WMAA).  The athletic program is open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements of the TSSAA, policies of the Williamson County Board of Education and/or guidelines set forth by the WMAA. Before participating, students are required to have a physical on file dated after April 15 and complete the Final Forms process.

These programs and more offer WCS students the opportunity to thrive, as well as, set them up for success after school. You can read more about WCS and its mission at

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