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“A Simpler Way of Life” In Westhaven, Says Founder Tim Downey

When Tim Downey first envisioned Westhaven 20 years ago, he imagined a place where people could find repose from the daily stresses of modern life. “People’s lives are fast-paced,” he says. “They’re difficult. They’re stressful.” Westhaven was intentionally constructed to offer an alternative. But not even an ambitious dreamer like Downey imagined just how deep the roots of this idea would go. “I would have never dreamed Westhaven would have turned out so well,” he says. “It’s exceeded all my expectations. There are so many stresses in the world. I think Westhaven is a place that actually relieves stress and makes things easier and more simple. I think right now everybody’s yearning for that […] it’s more important than it’s ever been […] it’s perfect right now to live in a place like Westhaven where you can decompress and go back to a simpler way of life.”

Of course, it’s not just the walkable street plan or the eclectic and convenient mix of residential and commercial developments that makes Westhaven feel like a step back to simpler times; it’s the people. As Downey says, “The very first people that moved in… they were perfect. They were social. They wanted to get together, and they created a culture that now is just contagious and almost overcomes everybody that moves there. It’s beyond my wildest imagination.” From music festivals to 5k races to cheering on the Preds on the big screen outdoors, Westhaven residents enjoy a sense of community and connectedness that’s rare in just about any other neighborhood in the U.S. 

“People ask me about Westhaven all the time,” says Downey, “and I always tell them it’s a great place to live. It changes your life. It makes things more fun, more exciting, more beautiful. I’m just glad to be a part of Westhaven.” To learn more about how residents enjoy a more simple, beautiful life in Westhaven, watch Tim’s video or visit #LifeSimplified

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