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Walk This Westhaven Way!

From walking their kids to school to taking a stroll down the street for happy hour with friends, Luke and Evin Krehbiel have found Westhaven’s walkability to be at the core of community life. “We call it forced interaction,” says Luke, “because you’re so close to the neighbors nearby you end up interacting more and more with people, and gaining closer and closer relationships because of that.”

“In the afternoons and on the weekends,” says Evin, “our neighbors gather on our porches for happy hour… kids playing and riding their bikes in the street, [enjoying] chalk and bubbles and all the fun things that come with spring, summer and fall.”

Westhaven’s close-knit community offers a sliver of small-town life from a bygone era. And that’s on purpose! Westhaven’s streets are designed so that residents can get to the Town Center in just a few minutes’ walk. Homes and buildings are placed close to the street to encourage neighbors to get to know one another, and street design is pedestrian friendly – meaning on-street parking and narrow streets introduce traffic calming effects. Sidewalks and bike paths are also abundant and thoroughly integrated throughout the neighborhood.

“There are so many advantages of living here in a walkable neighborhood,” says Evin. “My husband’s very involved in tennis and has been for years, but since moving into Westhaven, I’ve picked it up myself, and I’ve done some classes and clinics with coaches that live here in the neighborhood.”

“Being in a community like this that’s so walkable really does simplify your life,” adds Luke. “You’re able to take your kids to and from school, hold their hands all the way to the door, and just give them that last bit of encouragement as they go on their way.”

Living in Westhaven, the Krehbiels are just a short walk or bike ride away from the grocery store, coffee shops, and restaurants. Some of their favorite community-wide events like Preds watch parties and the crawfish boil are easy to drop into – always just a few steps out the front door.

Westhaven’s walkability has even helped Evin expand her business. “I started my photography business about 12 years ago,” she explains. “We lived outside the neighborhood at that time, and I was wanting to develop more clients within here, so that I could shoot within our neighborhood more. It’s a beautiful space. [Now] I shoot within the neighborhood a lot. It’s convenient for my clients because they’re my neighbors and friends, but it’s also so convenient for me to do work and life in this neighborhood.”

To learn more about how Westhaven’s walkability allow residents like Luke and Evin to enjoy a more simple, beautiful life, visit #LifeSimplified

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