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Enjoy Urban Density & Convenience Without Sacrificing Space or Privacy

Emerald Estock on the Applachian Trail


An avid hiker and native of Middle Tennessee, Emerald Estock is accustomed to having plenty of space. In 2012, Estock spent five-and-a-half months hiking the Appalachian Trail, approximately 2,200 miles of terrain stretching up from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. He document his journey along the way, returning home with a supply of photographs he’s now weaving into vessels and panels.

When his wife, Laurie, first brought up her discovery of Westhaven, Estock was concerned the lots would be too small and the houses too close together. Used to having space, the potential confines of a dense neighborhood could be a deal-breaker.  See what Emerald has to say about it.

“My worry at the beginning was that everything was going to be too tight, too close,” he says. Estock has been pleased to find, “The yard is just the perfect size for my wife and I to have a nice little intimate courtyard. I love the neighborhood.”

In keeping with the principles of New Urbanism, Westhaven was designed by a team of 30 full-time architects, engineers and landscape architects, who prioritized creating urban density and walkability without sacrificing privacy and comfort. The design allows plenty of space for gardeners like the Estocks, while also creating opportunities for walking to local restaurants or the grocery store.

“It’s nice that if you’re in the mood for something different, you just stroll down [to Town Center] and either eat out or pick up a couple things at the local market,” he says. “What I I love about Westhaven is that even though it’s a larger development, you get the feeling that it’s a small neighborhood. If I had to tell somebody what living in Westhaven is like: it’s a perfect way to destress life.”

Not only do the Estock’s get to call Westhaven home, but they enjoy a shared studio upstairs, where Laurie sews and Emerald works on his photography and weaving projects. “It’s wonderful to be able to work at home,” he says.

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