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Local Business Owners Love the Three-Minute Commute In Westhaven!

 Whether searching for the perfect bottle for a celebratory night or stopping in to chat with owners Steve and Rick, nearly every Westhaven resident has popped into Westside Wine & Spirits, one of the most established businesses in the community.  Like many of their neighbors, Steve Poe and Rick English of Westside Wine & Spirits have found that one of the best parts of living and working in Westhaven is the simplicity. “Being able to be at work in less than three minutes and be home in less than three minutes is really a great thing,” says Steve. “[It] makes my life extremely simple.”

“Probably the best decision I ever made,” adds Rick in agreement, “buying a home out here and now owning the wine store in the community.”  Watch their video to hear what they have to say about working and living in Westhaven. Westside Wine and Spirit Owners, Rick English and Steve Poe, Westhaven Town Center, Franlklin, TN

In Tennessee, where the average commute is nearly 24 minutes long and only 1.4% of workers have the luxury of walking  to the office, Steve and Rick are living the dream! “I could live anywhere in the United States and run my company,” says Rick. “There’s something special about this community and there’s something special about Franklin, Tennessee. The simple life draws me back to the neighborhood daily. That’s the best way I can say it.”

“Working at the store and having this opportunity has really simplified my life,” says Steve, who has called Westhaven home for nine years. As an intentionally developed New Urbanism community, Westhaven offers a simpler way of life for residents and business owners alike. Short commutes, mixed-use developments, and a variety of housing styles that can meet the needs of both growing families and empty-nesters makes Westhaven a delightful place to call home! 

To learn more about life in Westhaven, explore the Keys to Life Simplified. And be sure to stop by Westside Wine and Spirits next time you pass through!


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