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One Foot In the Town, One Foot In the Country

If you had to pick one, would you side with wide open spaces, including a backyard creek and hiking trails? Or would you go for quick, walkable access to shops and restaurants? Living in Westhaven, Randy Reeves enjoys the best of both worlds.

“I always joked that one side of our house is in the neighborhood; the other side is in the country in the woods,” he says, describing his family’s home in the Cove at Westhaven. When Randy and his wife found their current home, he knew: “This is where we have to be. We had our son on the way, and just thought it would be the perfect place for kids to play and roam. It’s a little boy’s heaven.”

Having grown up in the country in Mississippi, Randy’s used to having plenty of acres to explore. In just a few minutes, Randy and other Westhaven locals can easily walk to the opening a ten-mile trail network – perfect for hiking, running, walking, and relaxing.

“[The trail] was made by neighbors as we came together [with] a common goal of wanting to have something that everybody can enjoy,” explains Randy. “It just makes things so much more simple in that I don’t have to drive anywhere to experience [nature] like I have in the past. I can just run straight there. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature, be in nature, and to just clear my head.”

As a community designed around walkability and convenience, Westhaven’s 1,500 acres are highlighted by a variety of hiking trails, sidewalks, and bike paths, making it easier (and more enjoyable) for residents to choose transportation options other than driving a car.

While many Tennesseans would have to choose between urban amenities and great hiking, Randy and his Westhaven neighbors enjoy the best of both worlds. With plenty of restaurants, a Kroger, postal services store, and fun community events like Porchfest all just a brisk walk from the front door, life is more simple here.

To learn more about how Westhaven’s sustainability commitments allow residents like Randy to enjoy a more simple, beautiful life, visit #LifeSimplified

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