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Southern Land Company Follows Through on Westhaven Town Center Vision

Franklin, Tenn. — Southern Land Company has unveiled plans for the next phase of activity in Westhaven Town Center (WTC), the community’s commercial district which was designed to accommodate locally owned businesses, professional service firms, a variety of lakeside residences, and open spaces that encourage neighborhood interaction. Preparation and initial infrastructure work began last month.

The next phase for WTC entails a mix of community amenities and new commercial and residential ventures that add to the existing walkability of the community and its mixed use components. 

Specifically, the project will include:

Lakefront Development Site Plan, Westhaven, Franklin, TNAn expansion of the existing lakeside park to include the Paddle Dog Adventures operation; increasing both green space and more options for water activities and neighborhood socialization

The construction of an amphitheater on the east side of the lake

Expansion of the sidewalk system, including the completion of a pedestrian loop that will encircle the entire lake for exercising and leisure activities

The construction of a mixed-use building that will contain retail spaces as well as a lakefront restaurant space with ample outdoor seating

Additional Town Center residential options with the construction of six live/work units and 14 luxury Brownstones.

“Westhaven Town Center has become an increasingly important entertainment and shopping destination for Franklin residents,” said Mary Lee Bennett, Marketing Manager at Westhaven. “We have been fortunate to attract some strong local brands, and we are grateful for the community’s continued support. This next phase will further fulfill the larger Town Center vision, and we are very excited that the project is underway. We look forward to making more detailed announcements as we move forward.”

Southern Land Company’s internal town planning and design teams have overseen the direction of the second WTC phase, and construction of the commercial buildings and amenities will be implemented by Southern Land’s Commercial Construction Division. The Live/Work units and luxury Brownstones will be constructed by Ford Classic Homes.

About Town Center

Home to more than 35 local businesses, services and shops, Westhaven Town Center adheres to Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) principles that defined the American lifestyle prior to  World War II. Elements such as simple, connected access between residential and commercial districts; increased density combined with open spaces and pedestrian connectivity; a variety of architectural styles and product types; Non-repetitive elevation design and well-orchestrated streetscapes; and sustainable development practices and smart transportation, all work together to make Westhaven Town Center a vibrant and essential component of the larger community. These guiding principles and more can be found at

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